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Christina A. Studebaker, PhD, MLS

Christina A. Studebaker, PhD, MLS

Christina A. Studebaker, PhD, MLS  

Dr. Studebaker brings over a decade’s worth of experience with juror and jury decision making to her work as a trial consultant with ThemeVision LLC. She uses her scientific background and her experience as an opinion researcher to help clients empirically ascertain persuasive trial themes and effective trial strategies in civil and criminal matters pending throughout the United States. Dr. Studebaker has designed and conducted mock trials, jury simulation studies, telephone and Internet surveys, public opinion polls, and post-trial juror interviews. She routinely consults both for clients who are pursuing their legal rights and for clients who are defending against litigation. She has experience consulting on a wide variety of litigated matters, including products liability litigation, intellectual property cases (patent, trade secrets, trademark, and copyright), complex commercial litigation, commercial class actions, insurance coverage actions, employment discrimination claims, sexual harassment claims, medical malpractice claims, and white collar criminal defense matters. Dr. Studebaker also routinely provides clients with general opinion research services, particularly with regard to issues of law, politics, policy, and social issues.

Dr. Studebaker is nationally recognized for her knowledge of the impact of pretrial publicity on juror decision making and has consulted on civil and criminal cases involving requests for changes of venue.

Dr. Studebaker received her Ph.D. in Social Psychology from Northwestern University in 1996. She completed her post-doctoral training in juror and jury decision making at the University of Nebraska, where she earned an M.L.S. degree in 1998. During her post-doctoral training and beyond, Dr. Studebaker collaborated with Dr. Steven Penrod on research examining pretrial publicity and change of venue and with Dr. Jennifer Robbennolt on research examining jury awards for compensatory and punitive damages. Dr. Studebaker received her Master of Science degree in social psychology from Northwestern University and her Bachelor of Science in psychology summa cum laude from Wright State University.

Prior to joining ThemeVision, Dr. Studebaker spent three years at the Federal Judicial Center, conducting empirical research on the judicial system. She also served as a professor of psychology for several years, teaching both undergraduate and graduate students.

Dr. Studebaker has routinely authored articles published in Law & Human Behavior on topics such as pretrial publicity, damage awards, expert testimony, and juror decision making. She also routinely gives presentations and seminars throughout the United States and Europe to litigators, forensic practitioners, and academics on jury research, jury selection, juror decision making, judicial decision making, and the field of trial consulting. She is on the editorial board of Law & Human Behavior and has previously served on the editorial board of of Psychology, Public Policy and Law. Dr. Studebaker has also served on the Executive Committee of the American Psychology-Law Society. She is a member of the American Psychology-Law Society and the American Psychological Association.

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