ThemeVision LLC’s Trial Consulting and Jury Research Practice Profiled in The Indianapolis Star

Nov 6th, 2006
ThemeVision News

ThemeVision LLC and its scientific approach to litigation consulting were profiled in the Business Section of The Indianapolis Star (11/06/2006, p. C7). The article — titled “A Winning Legal Strategy is More than Trial, Error” — featured ThemeVision’s President and Vice President, Drs. Dennis P. Stolle and Christina A. Studebaker. 

The Star focused on ThemeVision’s rapidly growing consulting business. Stolle explained that “Lawyers have become increasingly aware of trial consulting in general and increasingly aware of the value in social science in pre-testing arguments so you can understand what the risks are. . .. When we have new clients who have never done mock juries, once the do it, they’re hooked. They think, ‘All these years I’ve been practicing law in the dark, without knowing all of these things I could know in advance of a trial.” And they keep coming back.” 
The Star noted that ThemeVision offers a variety of services and that there is much more to trial consulting that just jury selection. The Star turned to Frances Watson Hardy of the Indiana University School of Law for an additional perspective. “Trial work is more than just jury selection,” said Hardy. “It’s about whether the theory of the case works. When a lawyer represents a client, one of the key issues is whether to try the case or take a settlement. Here’s a tool that advances the client’s abilities to make choices, and if they decide to go to trial, advances their ability to win.”&nbsp