ThemeVision Trial Consultants Mentioned in New Book: The History of Nebraska Law

Feb 2, 2008
ThemeVision News

ThemeVision Trial Consultants, Dennis Stolle and Christina Studebaker, were each mentioned in the 2008 book, The History of Nebraska Law. The book’s chapter on interdisciplinary legal education mentions Stolle’s work with Dr. Steven Penrod on complex research designs, citing to Stolle’s 2002 article in Behavioral Sciences & the Law. The chapter also refers to Stolle’s other work in legal psychology and his 2000 book on therapeutic jurisprudence. It also mentions Studebaker’s work with Dr. Steven Penrod on pretrial publicity, citing to her 2000 article in Law and Human Behavior, which resulted, in part, from their work on the change of venue motion in trial of Timothy McVeigh, the defendant in the Oklahoma City bombing. Stolle received his MA, JD, and PhD from the University of Nebraska. Studebaker completed a post-doctoral fellowship at, and received her Master of Legal Studies degree from, the University of Nebraska.