Jurors on Drugs: Indiana Lawyer Newspaper Interviews ThemeVision Trial Consultant Regarding Jury Selection Procedures

Feb 5, 2009
ThemeVision News

On February 4, 2009, the Indiana Lawyer newspaper quoted ThemeVision trial consultant, Dr. Dennis Stolle, in an article titled “Jurors on Drugs: Questions about medications are common during voir dire.” The article considered the potential impact of jurors who are on prescription medications during trial. The Indiana Lawyer interviewed Dr. Stolle regarding the prevalence of questioning during voir dire, either from the court or counsel, regarding potential jurors’ use of prescription medications. Dr. Stolle discussed the prevalence of the topic and various techniques for collecting such information from potential jurors. Dr. Stolle suggested that it is often a topic that is best covered by the court, stating with regard to lawyers, “You’re trying to build a rapport with the jurors, so you don’t want to alienate or embarrass them with certain questions.”