Legal System Atwitter: Washington Lawyer Interviews ThemeVision Trial Consultant About Social Networking Sites

Sep 1, 2009
ThemeVision News

The September 2009 issue of The Washington Lawyer quoted ThemeVision trial consultant, Dennis Stolle, in an article titled "Legal System Atwitter with Possibilities for Social Media."  The Washington Lawyer interviewed Dr. Stolle regarding the impact that social networking sites, blogs, and other new media have on the process of jury selection.  Dr. Stolle also discussed the impact the internet and new media have on pre-trial publicity stating, "In the past, there might be a 15-, 20-, 30-second news clip that would show on local television.  When it was done, it would be gone forever.  Now the news clip will be posted to the Web page, where it can be viewed over and over again."