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Presentation Graphics

Presentation Graphics

Dec 15, 2019
David C. Bartholomew
David Bartholomew, ThemeVision Graphics

December 2019

Presentation Graphics

A good presentation combines words, images, and symbols, to inform, educate, and persuade. It not only captures the reader’s attention, but leads them through a series of steps to understand and interpret your message to form a lasting impression.
ThemeVision brings decades of experience in identifying the thematic “glue” that can hold a story together and enhances those themes through design principles, including balance, emphasis, movement, rhythm, contrast, proportion, and unity.
ThemeVision can help translate your complex legal information into a consistent and straightforward yet compelling presentation.

Presentations to/for:

  • Jury Trials
  • Judges and prosecutors
  • Mediations
  • Experts
  • Witnesses

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