Trisha Volpe

Trisha Volpe Named Vice President of ThemeVision

Jan 16, 2020
David C. Bartholomew
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Experienced attorney and litigation consultant Trisha Volpe has been named vice president of ThemeVision. Trisha, who is an Emmy-award winning former journalist, has been with ThemeVision for nearly 5 years as litigation consultant and legal communications strategist. Trisha is also a Barnes & Thornburg partner.

Trisha is a veteran storyteller whose practice focuses on providing strategic legal communications counsel, helping clients navigate complex communications issues in high-stakes litigation and other adversarial settings. She works with trial teams to craft compelling case themes and trial narratives, as well as jury research and jury selection strategies for civil and criminal cases.

She also helps prepare witnesses to testify and uses her experience in visual communication to develop demonstratives that explain complex issues in an understandable and meaningful way. In her new leadership role, Trisha will also focus on growing and developing the ThemeVision brand.

“Trisha has a knack for boiling down complicated concepts into digestible, easy-to-understand information – which helps attorney trial teams and witnesses prepare for successful trial outcomes,” said Dennis Stolle, president of ThemeVision. “I look forward to continuing to work with her, and the rest of our team, to help clients with jury research and data analysis as they prepare their cases for trial.”

Trisha earned her Bachelor of Journalism from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada, and her J.D. from William Mitchell College of Law in St. Paul, Minnesota, where she graduated summa cum laude. She enjoys teaching and coaching other lawyers and business executives on communicating with confidence. She is a frequent presenter and CLE instructor on topics such as jury selection, legal storytelling and issues where media, the law, and strategic communications intersect.