Narrated Tutorials

Presentations: Narrated Tutorials

Feb 15, 2020
David C. Bartholomew
ThemeVision Focus, ThemeVision Graphics

February 2020

Presentations: Narrated Tutorials

ThemeVision was recently called upon to help produce a narrated tutorial to help the judge understand the technology involved in a patent infringement case.
Complex technologies and concepts were identified and explained simply and concisely for the judge. The client, aided by ThemeVision’s graphics and storytelling experience, was able to present information in a focused and factual manner. ThemeVision used a combination of animations, videos, annotated graphics, and a narration track to educate the court.
Using the tutorial, the trial team was able to lay the groundwork for the court to understand complex information that would become in subsequent filings and hearings.
Tutorials are often used in:

  • Markman hearings
  • Technology hearings
  • Opening statement
  • Expert reports and testimony
  • Trial
  • Arbitration and Mediation

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