Construction Graphics

Demonstratives: Construction Graphics

Aug 12, 2020
David C. Bartholomew
David Bartholomew, ThemeVision Graphics
Themevision Focus

August 2020

Demonstratives: Construction Graphics

Construction litigation often involves complex facts relating to the details of large-scale building projects.  Judges and jurors who lack a technical background in construction often struggle to visualize the designs and processes at issue.
Working from blueprints, design documents, or other reference resources, ThemeVision can create engaging and informative demonstrative exhibits that illustrate and explain complex construction issues.  These graphics can be highly effective communication tools in court, as well as in briefs and during mediation.
This example utilizes a “layered graphics” technique. Together with counsel’s oral argument, the graphic effectively revealed how a latent construction defect was contributing to problematic water intrusion around windows.
Our construction graphics often include:
• Enlargements
• Animations
• Alternative views
• Cutaways
• Annotated Images
• Builds
• Deconstructions

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