Antitrust Lawsuit

Dec 14, 2020

ThemeVision provided several forms of research over the course of a long case for our client defending an antitrust charge in a field of construction. We first designed and implemented an online mock juror survey involving over 800 adult residents of the state, including an over-sampling of the trial jurisdiction. Statistical analyses were focused on assessing the general strength of our client’s case and the likelihood of liability, estimating the size of a potential damage award, and identifying a statistical profile of the “unfriendly” jurors at trial. ThemeVision also planned, coordinated, and facilitated an on-site ThemeTesting focus group study in the trial venue. This latter study dovetailed with the online survey by generating focused discussion on several key aspects of the case for the purpose of developing an overall trial narrative. In addition, ThemeVision provided a review of social science research to provide data-based support for motions related to bifurcation and pretrial juror instructions. Finally, we also designed and were preparing to conduct an on-site mock trial study in the venue to test an integrated trial narrative on mock jurors, but the case was settled favorably just days before the study was due to begin.