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Energy Drink Development Lawsuit

Dec 15, 2020

We provided research in a business contract dispute using a combination of methods featuring mock jurors. Our clients were a group of investors who purchased ownership shares in a start-up company that was to produce a new energy drink. The business development proposition turned out to be much less than it originally appeared, eventually yielding a claim of breach of contract and a counter-claim filed in different states. ThemeVision conducted a two-phase research study to assist our clients. We first developed a written case summary and embedded this in an online survey that was administered to large samples of mock jurors in the two relevant states. This research provided an overall assessment of the case and a statistical profile of the “unfavorable juror” for use during juror selection. We then contacted and recruited a select set of mock jurors, and held two-hour online focus group meetings with them. For this part of the research we showed a variety of videotaped deposition testimony clips featuring several key witnesses, and interviewed mock jurors about their reactions to the witnesses and views about the case. The cumulative research findings indicated strong support for our client’s position, and the final report was submitted to the case mediator.