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Jury Trial in the Time of COVID

Dec 18, 2020
ThemeVision Focus, Trisha Volpe
Themevision Focus

What does a jury trial in the time of COVID look like?

Most courts have put jury trials on hold, but not all courts. Are you ready for your in-person or virtual trial or some combination of both?

For this video ThemeVision Vice President Trisha Volpe teams up with Adam Bloomberg of Litigation Insights. They share their recent experience working together at a trial in King County Washington – and weigh in on how understanding technology and preparing for every scenario are key to a seamless trial experience during the COVID pandemic.

I’d like to hear about your experiences at trial during the time of COVID. Please post your comments and additional tips for keeping trial teams safe at trial during the COVID pandemic.

Trisha is ThemeVision’s Vice President and Legal Communication Strategist. She is a lawyer and Emmy award-winning former journalist – a veteran storyteller whose practice focuses on providing strategic legal communications counsel, helping clients navigate complex communications issues in high stakes litigation and other adversarial settings.