Ph.D., Southern Illinois University

Member and Past President, American Society of Trial Consultants

Former Tenured Professor, University of Maryland System

Author and Co-Editor, The Online Courtroom: Leveraging Technology in Litigation (ABA, 2022)

ABA “Blawg Hall of Fame” writer


Ken Broda Bahm, PhD

Senior Litigation Consultant
Dr. Ken Broda Bahm is dedicated to improving the effectiveness of legal advocacy by researching fact-finder decision-making, crafting trial themes and messages, strategically selecting jurors, and preparing expert and fact witnesses for clear and credible testimony. Combining practical communication experience, case-specific analysis, and social science research, Ken works with clients in high-value litigation to achieve their best outcomes.
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ThemeVision Welcomes New Research and Project Coordinator, Courtney Tharp. As ThemeVision’s Research and Project Coordinator, Courtney Tharp will works closely with clients and the research team to design, plan, coordinate, and seamlessly execute jury research projects ranging from surveys to full mock trials

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