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On March 18, 2010, Dr. Christina Studebaker, a trial consultant and the vice-president of ThemeVision LLC, spoke at the American Psychology-Law Society annual conference in Vancouver as part of a workshop on "How I Survived My First Years: Tales of Success as an Early Career Professional.” Other speakers at the workshop included Dr. Margaret Kovera, … more »
Stolle, D. P. (March 2010). Jury selection and voir dire. Presentation at the 13th Annual Trial Advocacy Skills College of the Indiana Continuing Legal Education Forum, conducted in Indianapolis, Indiana.
Bartholomew, D. C. & Stolle, D. P. (March 2010). Flash animations in the courtroom. Invited lecture at the Media Arts & Science Program of Indiana University’s School of Informatics, Indianapolis, Indiana.
On March 4, 2010, David Bartholomew and Dennis Stolle of ThemeVision LLC gave an invited lecture to students in the Media Arts and Science Program of Indiana University’s School of Informatics. Bartholomew and Stolle presented samples of Flash animations developed by ThemeVision that had been used in jury trials and other courtroom presentations. Bartholomew and … more »
ThemeVision LLC is pleased to announce that Indiana University School of Informatics junior, Bianca Garfias, has been named the recipient of the ThemeVision Scholarship for the 2009/10 academic year. The ThemeVision Scholarship is an award given to an outstanding minority student in the school’s Media Arts & Science program who exhibits an interest in new … more »