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On August 29, 2007, Drs. Dennis Stolle and Christina Studebaker, in cooperation with the Indiana Continuing Legal Education Forum (“ICLEF”), presented a continuing legal education program in Indianapolis titled “Developing Winning Trial Themes.” The program topics included:  The Power of the Trial Theme: The conceptual foundation for what a trial theme is and why it is … more »
On August 22, 2007, the Indiana Lawyer’s front page featured a collaborative research project between ThemeVision and Indiana University, which had surveyed lawyers, judges, and jurors from 179 criminal trials in Indiana. The article, titled “Influence Inside the Jury Room,” discussed the study’s findings, which included a strong statistical relationship between verdict and the presence on … more »
On August 20, 2007, The Indianapolis Star profiled a collaborative research project between ThemeVision and Indiana University in an article titled, “Jury Study Prompts Guidance, Praise.” The study surveyed lawyers, judges, and jurors from 179 Indiana criminal jury trials. The Star article highlighted the study’s finding that “[t]he foreman’s initial viewpoint carries a lot of weight. Jurors also … more »
Stolle, D. P. & Studebaker, C. (August 2007).  Developing winning trial themes.  Indiana Continuing Legal Education Program, conducted in Indianapolis, Indiana.
David Bartholomew, Graphic Artist for ThemeVision LLC, was part of a team selected to redesign Governor Mitch Daniels’ Indiana Motorsports Web site. The team was selected from outstanding students nominated by faculty at IUPUI. The selected group, from The Computer Graphics Technology Department, was assigned to analyze and re-tool the website: The project, a … more »
On July 27, 2005, the Indiana Lawyer Daily published "Study: Forepersons, Vocal Jurors Strongly Influence Verdicts," which profiled research conducted by Dr. Stolle in collaboration with Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis on the quality of the deliberation process in Indiana criminal juries. The article highlighted the researchers’ findings that jury forepersons’ initial leanings were highly … more »