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On March 4, 2010, David Bartholomew and Dennis Stolle of ThemeVision LLC gave an invited lecture to students in the Media Arts and Science Program of Indiana University’s School of Informatics. Bartholomew and Stolle presented samples of Flash animations developed by ThemeVision that had been used in jury trials and other courtroom presentations. Bartholomew and … more »
ThemeVision LLC is pleased to announce that Indiana University School of Informatics junior, Bianca Garfias, has been named the recipient of the ThemeVision Scholarship for the 2009/10 academic year. The ThemeVision Scholarship is an award given to an outstanding minority student in the school’s Media Arts & Science program who exhibits an interest in new … more »
Stolle, D. P. (December 2009). Selecting your jury and introducing your trial themes. In Brown, R. (Chair). Jury trials: Techniques for telling the “wining” story (that hold up on appeal). Indiana Continuing Legal Education Forum, conducted in Fort Wayne, Indiana.
On December 3, 2009, Dr. Dennis P. Stolle spoke at the Indiana Continuing Legal Education Forum’s seminar, Jury Trials: Techniques for Telling the “Winning” Story, which was held in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Dr. Stolle’s presentation, titled Selecting Your Jury and Introducing Your Themes, focused on techniques for conducting voir dire and jury selection in Indiana, … more »