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Stolle, D. P. (December 2009). Selecting your jury and introducing your trial themes. In Brown, R. (Chair). Jury trials: Techniques for telling the “wining” story (that hold up on appeal). Indiana Continuing Legal Education Forum, conducted in Fort Wayne, Indiana.
On December 3, 2009, Dr. Dennis P. Stolle spoke at the Indiana Continuing Legal Education Forum’s seminar, Jury Trials: Techniques for Telling the “Winning” Story, which was held in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Dr. Stolle’s presentation, titled Selecting Your Jury and Introducing Your Themes, focused on techniques for conducting voir dire and jury selection in Indiana, … more »
ThemeVision sponsored DRI’s 2009 Annual Meeting: Celebrating 50 Years of Leadership, Excellence and Education that was held in Chicago October 7-11, 2009. ThemeVision sponsored the special reception held for first-time Annual Meeting attendees and new DRI members on October 7th. The conference offered attendees opportunities to network, learn about new developments in the law, and exchange best … more »