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Dr. Dennis P. Stolle and Ken Inskeep wrote the article, “Lawyers’ Ethical and Legal Obligations When Mock Jurors Breach Confidentiality Agreements,” which Dr. Stolle presented at a symposium on ethical issues in jury research.
Stolle, D. P. (April 2005).  Therapeutic jurisprudence:  Promoting psychological wellbeing in day-to-day law practice.  Invited address to the students and faculty of the Indiana School of Law, Indianapolis, Indiana.
Stolle, D. P. & Inskeep, K. H. (March 2005).  Lawyers’ ethical and legal obligations when mock jurors breach confidentiality agreements.  In Mark Phillips (Chair), Ethical and professional issues in trial consulting.  Symposium conducted at the 2005 Annual Conference of the American Psychology-Law Society, La Jolla, California.
Since January 1, jurors in Indiana courtrooms have received new instructions as they leave for recesses. Indiana adopted a new jury rule which allows jurors to discuss the case among themselves in the jury room before all the evidence has come in, provided all the jurors are present for the discussion and provided they reserve … more »
ThemeVision, Barnes & Thornburg’s jury research and advocacy analysis service chaired by Dr. Dennis P. Stolle, was the subject of a short article in BizVoice, the magazine of the Indiana Chamber of Commerce.