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Stolle, D. P. & Harris, B. A. (June 2004).  Jury psychology in intellectual property litigation:  The theories, methods, and applications of empirical jury research.  In D. M. Young (Chair), Litigation issues for biotech IP.  Symposium conducted at the Midwestern Biotech Intellectual Property Law Symposium, Indianapolis, Indiana.
Dr. Dennis P. Stolle was quoted in the Washington Post article, “Culling a Shrunken Jury Pool,” regarding the potential reluctance of some citizens to serve on juries, particularly in high-profile matters. The article then appeared in the Duluth News Tribune.
Stolle, D. P. (April 2004).  Jury psychology:  The theories, methods, and applications of empirical jury research.  In R. MacGill & D. Stolle (Co-chairs), Jury research and settlement analysis.  Indiana Continuing Legal Education Program, conducted in Indianapolis, Indiana. 
In collaboration with Dr. Dennis Devine of IUPUI, Dr. Dennis P. Stolle spoke at the Annual Conference of the American Psychology & Law Society in Scottsdale, Arizona. They spoke as part of a symposium titled “New Directions in Jury Selection and Trial Consulting Research” and the title of their presentation was “A Field Study of … more »
Devine, D. J., Stolle, D. P., Hemmerlein, K., Barnes, H., Studebaker, N. (March 2004).  A field study of the relationship between jury demographics and verdicts.  In M. B. Kovera & L. Levett (Co-chairs), New directions in jury selection and trial consulting research.  Symposium conducted at the 2004 Annual Conference of the American Psychology-Law Society, Scottsdale, … more »