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Dr. Dennis P. Stolle and partner Mark Stuaan published an article in the Western Criminology Review, which is a peer-reviewed criminal justice journal published by the Western Society of Criminology. The article, titled “Defending Depositions in High-Stakes Civil and Quasi-Criminal Litigation: An Application of Therapeutic Jurisprudence,” is written for a criminal justice audience and analyzes … more »
Stolle, D. P., & Stuaan, M. D. (2003).  Defending depositions in high-stakes civil and quasi-criminal litigation:  An application of therapeutic jurisprudence.  Western Criminology Review, 4, 134-142.
Dr. Dennis P. Stolle is a co-author of Practicing Therapeutic Jurisprudence: Law as a Helping Profession. In a recent favorable review, The New York Law Journal commented, “The concepts so wonderfully explained in this book can be applied on any scale, and could guide the U.S. on how to examine the causes of the Sept. … more »
Stolle, D. P. (May 2001).  Practicing therapeutic jurisprudence in depositions.  In D. Stolle (Chair), Therapeutic jurisprudence in litigation.  Symposium conducted at the 2001 Second International Conference on Therapeutic Jurisprudence, Cincinnati, Ohio.