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Dr. Dennis P. Stolle is the co-author, with David Wexler and Bruce Winick, of Practicing Therapeutic Jurisprudence: Law as a Helping Profession. The book, published in 2000 by Carolina Academic Press, is available through
Dr. Dennis Stolle, President of ThemeVision LLC, was a panelist on “The Research Scientist as Litigation Expert and Consultant,” at the American Society of Trial Consultants Annual Conference in St. Louis.
Stolle, D. P. (May 2000).  The research scientist as litigation expert and consultant.  In S. Penrod & R. Wiener (Co-chairs).  Symposium conducted at the Annual Meeting of the American Society of Trial Consultants, St. Louis, Missouri.
Stolle, D. P. (July 1998).  Integrating therapeutic jurisprudence and preventive law: Toward a practical and comprehensive approach to legal counseling.  In D. Wexler & S. Mayer (Co-chairs), Preventive lawyering.  Symposium conducted at the 1998 First International Conference on Therapeutic Jurisprudence, Winchester, England.