Inform and Persuade.

Data-driven strategies for
high-stakes litigation.

Data is knowing.

When the stakes are high, we partner with your team to achieve optimal outcomes for every stage of litigation. Our team’s work is data-driven, combining a scientific approach with nationwide trial experience to develop strategies that meet your business objectives and position your case for success.

Litigation consulting services

On the road to complex dispute resolution, no two paths are the same. We innovate and tailor our litigation consulting methods and strategies to your specific case, using a scientific approach and trial experience in jurisdictions across the country. 

ThemeVision works to understand your case from the inside-out. We develop a custom, data-driven strategic roadmap to support your team whether you’re in the pretrial stage or ready to head to court. 

We are with you every step of the way.

Know the ropes

Jury research, social science insights, strategic trial communication, nationwide trial experience — ThemeVision’s diverse team and holistic approach to understanding jury decision-making and compelling trial storytelling can position your case for better outcomes inside and outside the courtroom.

Know the room

Our venue-specific research gives you an informed view of the community where your case will be decided, helping you understand how judges and prospective jurors see your case and the issues that matter to them. Through research and experience, ThemeVision develops strategies for jury selection and effective communication of your winning trial themes.

Know it and show it

Understand the power of visual storytelling in your case. ThemeVision helps you inform and persuade before and during trial using trial graphics and multimedia demonstratives that turn complex case concepts into memorable visuals that tell your client’s story. We then help you tell that story in the courtroom with experienced technical presentation services.
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National experience. Local data.

We understand litigation and trials from the inside-out.
ThemeVision has worked with trial teams across the country on complex criminal and civil matters through every step of the dispute resolution process. 

We have interviewed thousands of mock jurors, conducting case and jurisdiction specific research to assess how juries make decisions and how trial teams can capitalize on how mock jurors see their case. 

We design mock trials, focus groups and surveys to test trial themes and provide experienced insight into jury decision-making to inform jury selection and trial strategies.

Get ThemeVision on your team and get a clear, confident strategy for success.

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