Point In Time Valuation Overlays

Aug 31, 2021
David C. Bartholomew
David Bartholomew, ThemeVision Focus, ThemeVision Graphics
Themevision Focus

September 2021

Point in Time Valuations can reveal insights that the data alone might not. Using overlays to annotate the data charts can be helpful in clarifying why peaks or dips in sales or income numbers occur. Also these annotations can emphatically explain “but-for” causation, and demonstrate cause and effect.

These type of explanations can be critical in cases involving events that effect a companies bottom line, net worth valuations and effects of claimed damages over time. They can also help the trial team simplify and demonstrate case facts.

ThemeVision experts can review case data and develop visuals like Point in Time Valuation charts, overlaying relevant information to enhance that which the data alone would not explain.

Value Overlays can be also useful in:

  • Stock Value Charts
  • Sales Charts
  • Sales Comparisons
  • Event Timelines

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