COVID-19 | Taking it Online: Jury Research in the Age of COVID-19
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BA, Anthropology, University of Michigan

MS, Informatics, University of California, Irvine.

Hillary C. Abraham, MS

Research & Project Coordinator
Hillary Abraham combines her research and administrative backgrounds to ensure client projects are finished at the highest standard and on time. With nearly a decade of research management experience in academic and industry settings, Hillary has a deep understanding of the research process in a client-facing context. She specializes in planning rigorous research projects on quick timelines, and also has experience conducting interviews, designing surveys, and performing statistical analysis.
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Alerts and Updates

Case Decision Making, Part II: What’s in Your Model?

by Dennis DevineApril 2021 All legal cases involve a host of important decisions. In litigation or in preparation for trial, consider these: Should we file Motion X with this judge?How will jurors react to Witness Y?What will jurors think the case is worth?What are our chances of a favorable judgment if this case goes to … more »

Getting the Deal Done: Part III

by: Amit Patel, Jury Consultant As attorneys, we devote much our time to the substance of our arguments for persuasive presentation to opposing counsel, mediators, judges, and jurors. This is rightfully so as we persuade with facts. However, in this COVID era, many courts either remain closed or if open, are seriously backlogged with cases. … more »

The COVID Effect Part 2: Measuring the Impact on Juror Perspectives

By Dennis Devine, Dennis Stolle, Trisha Volpe, & Hillary Abraham Jury trials are starting up again—but the world has changed. ThemeVision recently conducted a national survey of 532 U.S. adults to assess the impact of COVID and other 2020 events on civil juries. We previously reported that about half the people we surveyed said they … more »

Trial Storytelling During COVID 2

Telling your client’s story at trial in a compelling and persuasive way is what trial lawyers do. While the pandemic has delayed most jury trials, the courts are opening up and many trials have moved forward in the last year, some virtually and some with a virtual/in-person twist. How can you still be effective and engage with the jury when trial doesn’t look like it used to? In this ThemeVision Focus video, watch Trisha Volpe’s interview with top Gordon Rees Scully Mansukhani, LLP trial attorney Nancy Erfle who conducted a recent jury selection via Zoom and was part of the team trying the case in person. Here’s her perspective on trial storytelling during the pandemic and whether some aspect of the virtual trial is here to stay.

About Half: New Data on COVID and Jury Pools

ThemeVision’s Nationwide SurveyThemeVision is a litigation consulting firm that counsels clients on jury decision making and conducts jury research in cases around the country. We obtained a diverse, national sample of responses from 532 U.S. adults (locations shown above). Our questions fell into several buckets: Demographics,Health-related behaviors and contracting COVID,Willingness to serve as a juror … more »

Arguments: Quality, Quantity, and the Persuasive Power of Three

we cannot truly know whether the spirit of holiday generosity resounded in the minds of jurors, whether consciously or not. Nevertheless even without the backing of hard science, there is the strong perception of a “holiday effect” upon jurors, and attorneys would be wise to contemplate it during this time of the year, lest they be left with a “Bah humbug!” of a verdict.

Stolle on Jury Trial Decline

Video Series for Litigation Professionals New data reveals meaningful differences of opinion between lawyers and judges about jury trials. Many lawyers and judges have lamented the decline of jury trials over time. But, nobody has really answered the question of exactly why it’s happening. New survey data shows lawyers and judges don’t necessarily agree on … more »

Jury Trial in the Time of COVID

What does a jury trial in the time of COVID look like? Most courts have put jury trials on hold, but not all courts. Are you ready for your in-person or virtual trial or some combination of both? For this video ThemeVision Vice President Trisha Volpe teams up with Adam Bloomberg of Litigation Insights. They share their recent experience working together at a trial in King County Washington – and weigh in on how understanding technology and preparing for every scenario are key to a seamless trial experience during the COVID pandemic.

Demonstratives: Digital Graphic Overlays

Digital Graphic Overlays are layered materials designed for presentation on top of or in front of, another image/object. These overlay graphics are usually a set of image layers and often include transparency or opacity.

Defamation Case

ThemeVision designed and implemented an online mock juror survey to assist our client in defending against a defamation claim. This was a commercial case wherein the plaintiff alleged his roofing business had been harmed by a presentation that included material taken from his own company’s website. A large-sample study was conducted in which mock jurors … more »

Organizational Consulting

Conducted social attitude research for a high-profile organizational client in the healthcare sector. Two research studies were conducted. An online survey was first designed and administered to a diverse national sample of U.S. adults to gain a broad sense of community sentiments on several key issues. Then on-site focus groups were held in three different … more »

Financial Advisor Mismanagement Case

ThemeVision conducted a large-sample online mock juror survey in a business dispute involving alleged financial mismanagement. The plaintiff, a professional athlete, alleged that our client, a bank, had failed in its fiduciary duty to prevent the plaintiff’s business manager from handling his finances in an incompetent manner. Mock jurors read a written case summary and … more »

Trade Secret Litigation

ThemeVision designed, coordinated, and facilitated a mock trial study to assist the plaintiff in a high-stakes intellectual property case in federal court. Adult residents of the jurisdiction were recruited to serve as mock jurors in a three-panel study. Mock jurors listened to 1.5 days of case presentation, deliberated in juries, and then engaged in moderated … more »

Family Business Succession Dispute

ThemeVision conducted an on-site focus group study to assist one of the parties in a commercial dispute involving succession within a family business. A ThemeTesting methodology was used to provide mock juror feedback on various witnesses likely to testify for the two sides, and focused discussion about a handful of key issues.

Asbestos Exposure Lawsuit

We conducted a large-sample online mock juror survey to assist our client in defending a product liability case involving asbestos exposure. Our client was a well-known manufacturer of auto parts and the plaintiff had worked for many years in an automotive garage. Mock jurors were strategically sampled from several different jurisdictions, read a written summary … more »

Faculty Layoff Case

Designed and implemented an online mock juror survey to aid the defense in a lawsuit brought against a university. The case involved claims of wrongful termination by tenured faculty who were laid off during a period of financial exigency. ThemeVision created and presented a written case summary to a large sample of adult residents of … more »

Top Management Team Development

ThemeVision team assisted the top management team of a large manufacturing company to implement organizational development. We gathered background information on the company, the top management team, and the Board of Directors through a variety of internet searches and in-person interviews with company officers. Our subsequent report identified and examined various issues impeding communication and … more »

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