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Trial Storytelling During COVID 2

Trial Storytelling During COVID 2

Mar 10, 2021
Amit Patel, JD, MA
Jury Consultant, Trisha Volpe

Themevision Focus

Telling your client’s story at trial in a compelling and persuasive way is what trial lawyers do. While the pandemic has delayed most jury trials, the courts are opening up and many trials have moved forward in the last year, some virtually and some with a virtual/in-person twist. How can you still be effective and engage with the jury when trial doesn’t look like it used to? In this ThemeVision Focus video, watch Trisha Volpe’s interview with top Gordon Rees Scully Mansukhani, LLP trial attorney Nancy Erfle who conducted a recent jury selection via Zoom and was part of the team trying the case in person. Here’s her perspective on trial storytelling during the pandemic and whether some aspect of the virtual trial is here to stay.

Trisha is ThemeVision’s Vice President and Legal Communication Strategist. She is a lawyer and Emmy award-winning former journalist – a veteran storyteller whose practice focuses on providing strategic legal communications counsel, helping clients navigate complex communications issues in high stakes litigation and other adversarial settings.