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JD, summa cum laude, William Mitchell College of Law, St. Paul

Bachelor of Journalism, Highest Honors, Carleton University, Ottawa

Litigation Attorney, Barnes & Thornburg, Minneapolis

Emmy winning journalist

Member, American Psychology and Law Society

Member, American Society of Trial Consultants

Committee Member, Southern Minnesota Regional Legal Services (pro bono)

Former Adjunct Faculty Member, Expert Witness Training Academy, William Mitchell School of Law

Committee Chair, Minnesota Women Lawyers

Committee Member, Minnesota Lawyers Organization Equity Committee

Trisha Volpe, JD

Vice President, Minneapolis
612-367-8712 |
Trisha Volpe is a ThemeVision Trial Consultant and Legal Communication Strategist. A lawyer and Emmy award-winning former journalist, Trisha is a veteran storyteller whose practice focuses on providing strategic legal communications counsel, helping clients navigate complex communications issues in high stakes litigation and other adversarial settings. She works with trial teams to craft compelling case themes and trial narratives as well as jury research and voir dire strategies for civil and criminal cases.

Trisha also helps prepare witnesses to testify and uses her experience in visual communication to develop demonstratives that explain complex issues in an understandable and meaningful way. Through jury research, Trisha helps trial teams understand jury decision-making and the importance of crafting a strategic legal narrative. She also consults on crisis communications and client reputational issues related to litigation or other legal issues.

Trisha’s experience spans a variety of industries. In particular, she is a member of a national trial team for an international product manufacturer and has trial experience in jurisdictions across the country.

Before launching her legal and litigation consulting career, Trisha spent more than a decade as a broadcast journalist. She was an investigative reporter who loved to unearth and tell compelling stories. Today, that same journalistic tenacity and skilled storytelling informs her comprehensive approach to legal strategy and jury research.
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Taking it Online: Jury Research in the Age of COVID-19

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