Strategizing for Trial – Post-Pandemic

Oct 22, 2021
Jury Consultant, Trisha Volpe
Themevision Focus

The pandemic and other big world events have all had an impact on how juries see our cases and even on the role of witnesses and how to approach them. Developing trial strategy in a post-COVID world is different than it was before the pandemic and we still don’t know the full impact and where jurors’ perspectives on the world will settle. In Trisha Volpe’s latest ThemeVision Focus interview Barnes & Thornburg LLP litigator, trial attorney and soon-to-be managing partner Andy Detherage weighs in on getting ready for trial post-pandemic.

Trisha is ThemeVision’s Vice President and Legal Communication Strategist. She is a lawyer and Emmy award-winning former journalist – a veteran storyteller whose practice focuses on providing strategic legal communications counsel, helping clients navigate complex communications issues in high stakes litigation and other adversarial settings.