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Demonstratives: Incident Scene Graphics

Oct 1, 2019
David C. Bartholomew
David Bartholomew, ThemeVision Graphics

October 2019

Demonstratives: Incident Scene Graphics

ThemeVision is often called upon to help trial teams show the scene of an incident.

Photos are often useful for this purpose, but in many cases photos aren’t available or don’t portray the entire picture. For example, this incident occurred on multiple floors with walls and other barriers making photos alone inadequate.

ThemeVision’s demonstrative included an interactive component that allowed the presenting attorney to graphically remove walls and barriers, revealing areas and floors in space. This way, the trial team was better able to show each witness’s vantage point at key moments in time. This would have been impossible by only using photos or scene descriptions.

ThemeVision can help provide clarity and vision to your story.

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