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Experience Matters.
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After nearly 25 years as trial consultants, you could say we’ve seen it all, and in theory, we probably have. And in practice, what we’ve seen is that no two cases are ever the same.

There are things we can predict and propose based solely on our experience. And others, where collecting case and venue-specific data is the only way to effectively plan, predict, and prepare.

As a client, you get the benefit of both. Decades of experience and rigorous case-specific research.

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See how we’ve used our experience to help other clients.

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Our national experience is as deep as it is wide. More than 50 jurisdictions wide, as a matter of fact.

We’ve built a reputation around our work in:
  • Product liability
  • Commercial litigation
  • Antitrust
  • Multi-district litigation
  • White collar criminal defense

(Go ahead, have a look at some of our work below)

But the experience we’re most proud of is the one you’ll have when you work with us.

Preparing for trial is hard enough.
We do everything we can to make it easier for you to win.
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Defamation Case

Conducted a large-sample, online survey for the defense in a defamation case pending in Indiana state court. The case involved an allegation of defamation between insurance industry professionals. We used the online survey to generate a case valuation and a juror profile. Result: The case settled favorably for our client just before trial.

Social Security Fraud Case

ThemeVision assisted client with theme development, witness preparation, and development of demonstrative exhibits in a criminal matter involving allegations of defrauding the Social Security Administration by helping an employee conceal earnings. The case was tried to a jury in the District of Nebraska.

Automotive Parts Antitrust Jury Trial

ThemeVision provided extensive consulting for the defense in a three-week, criminal antitrust jury trial in the Southern District of Ohio. The government alleged that a Japanese auto parts manufacturer and its US subsidiary conspired with others to fix prices and rig bids. Our efforts included a mock trial study, ThemeTesting® focus groups, development of demonstrative … more »