Make the Complex Clear

Some things, a jury has to see to believe. Others, they need to see to understand. No one is going to argue with that logic. Least of all, us.

But buyer beware. The wrong type of demonstrative; the careless use of color or design elements; or too much information, presented in the wrong order or at the wrong time; can be confusing and counterproductive.

At ThemeVision, visual evidence is informed, produced, and organized, by our team of skilled attorney’s, social scientists, graphic artists, and hot seat operators so that you can present powerful, strategic evidence, that supports the trial narrative, free of technical difficulties or distractions.

When it’s absolutely imperative that the people on the other side of the railing grasp the concept AND the reason the concept matters TO YOUR CLIENT, don’t settle for what looks good. Look to us.
  • Reinforce trial themes and testimony
  • Increase jury room recall
  • Illustrate detailed mechanisms, movements, and processes
  • Organize timelines and chronologies
  • Demonstrate side-by-side comparisons
  • Bring clarity to complex processes and timelines.
  • Reduce the juries need to rely on individual imagination
  • Simplify and summarize complicated narratives
  • Place jurors visually within the story

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