Illustrations of Scale

Demonstratives: Illustration of Scale

Mar 15, 2020
David Bartholomew, ThemeVision Graphics

April 2020

Demonstratives: Illustration of Scale

The size of a aircraft carrier…
The length of a football field…

Scale often matters in litigation cases. Accurately depicting how big (or small) things are can be critical.
ThemeVision is often called upon to illustrate relative size comparisons.

  • In toxic tort case, it may be critical to show proper proportion of ingredients.
  • In construction cases, it might be crucial to show acceptable tolerances or variances.
  • In medical cases, formulation, dosage and treatment level may be of significance.
  • In product cases, active ingredients and quantity measurements could be at issue.

When you need your decision maker to understand just how big or small something really is, give us a call.
Illustrations shown may no longer be to scale.

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