Theme maps

Demonstratives: Theme Maps

Mar 26th, 2020
ThemeVision Graphics

Maps are important for aiding understanding. However, the amount of unnecessary information on a typical map can be overwhelming and actually distract from making a simple point. Our thematic maps boil a typical map down to only the information that matters for your purpose. By removing unnecessary detail, we can focus the decision maker in on what matters, while will providing the critical geographic reference points that make maps so useful.
The thematic map below shows a producer’s facilities and capabilities over time. It shows that some facilities were new areas of expansion or “greenfields” while others were existing facilities whose territories were acquired through purchase.
ThemeVision can help you develop your themes and show them clearly using theme maps.
Roads and Locations
Territories and boundaries
Property owners
Land Use
Damage zone and causation
Flood risk evaluation
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